city is me книжка
Iryna Ozymok


The first interactive picture book on city functions and the role of citizens in it
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Iryna Ozymok

It is more than a book for me, it is rather my guidelines for readers to help understand the city, allowing to rethink their role in the community and realize whom they choose to be – responsible citizens or bystanders absently observing city processes. The book does not only uncover city mechanisms, but also encourages readers to participate in quality changes in our cities. It depends on people how cities will transform in the future.

Ірина Озимок


city is me книжка

The book explains how cities function, how they change and how technology, consumption, climate, and computer revolution influence them. It also shows the role of citizens in urban development. The book does not depict a perfect or some specific city, but presents interesting facts and stories from various countries.

13 chapters tell the reader how budget is drawn up, where the water comes from and where the waste we produce goes; why safety is important and how to participate in decision-making process. The main message is that cities' future depends on people, and we are free to choose whether we make it good or bad, and whether we are responsible citizens or indifferent ones.

The book spurs curiosity and inspires conversations between children and adults. It is more than a book, since a special website is being developed to stir engagement through quizzes, essay, and illustration competition, thus enabling readers' feedback. Moreover, jointly with MEGOGO platform we are launching children's podcast based on the book.

Книга розвиває увагу, допитливість, усвідомлення та сприяє спілкуванню дітей та дорослих.



Iryna Ozymok


Seri/graph studio



Reading age

6-12 +

Print length

64 pages




Interactive picture book, 13 chapters

Interactive picture book with riddles and interesting tasks

Contains essay and illustration competitions with interesting gifts

Simulates travelling through Ukrainian cities

Incites imagination, curiosity, proactivity and communication with adults


city is me книжка
Your city is lucky to have you. And you can make it better. Do you know how? It's easy! You can save water and energy, reduce waste; think over your walking or bike routes, avoid polluting the air with harmful emissions.
And always help those who need it – people with disabilities, elderly people, etc. You can become a hero for your city, encouraging your friends, neighbors, relatives, teachers to join you. You can even help your mayor!
city is me книжка
city is me книжка


city is me книжка
city is me книжка
city is me книжка


There are rules defining how buildings' facades should look like. It is forbidden to add plastic balconies that make the building look ugly. It is sad that many people violate these rules.
To ensure energy efficiency of an apartment, its owners often do external insulation and then color it. Often, it looks like a strange piece that was glued or painted on the façade. It would be much better to do building insulation jointly.



Each chapter has hidden wrongdoings, marked with "!". I am convinced you will find them all, and will not follow them. Moreover, I'm sure you won't let others do what's wrong – your friends, relatives, neighbors.
Обговори їх з дорослими та усвідом шкоду певних вчинків у місті для суспільного блага та комфорту кожного.
It is against the law to do additional random constructions to a building. A special permission is required. It is also important not to obstruct other residents, as the territory around the building is for all.

Натисни, щоб дізнатися більше

що не так?

У кожному розділі заховані погані вчинки з такою позначкою (!). Впевнена, тобі вдасться знайти їх усі, і не повторювати їх! І точно не дати повторити їх батькам, вчителям чи сусідам.
Обговори їх з дорослими та усвідом шкоду певних вчинків у місті для суспільного блага та комфорту кожного.


Svitlana Roiz

Child family psychologist, writer

The projects for children and adults, in which you not only get the information, and after which the feeling of the power appears, are so close to me. The city is Me. And it depends on me — small and big, what will be happening in the city. In life.
This book is very eco-friendly. Not only because it has a lot of stories about ecology too. It has ecological approach to people, ideas, places. The book has a lot of information about the structure of the cities, many different unexpected information for adults as well, there are ideas that can be incarnated immediately, there is the opportunity to form new habits.
One of the chapters describes how the budget of the city is formed. And about the Public budget. And today I have seen the information about the projects, which are given to the support of PB. I told my daughter, reminding that we had read about it in the book: "Mother, nevertheless we will choose and vote!". From small responsibilities and choices, the feeling of power is formed.
The city is Me. The country is Me. The life is Me.


TV host

"My son is 4, and I am now fostering a love for reading in him. Actually, sometimes he is doing the same to me when it comes to reading before sleep. In my son I see, that this generation aspires to discover the world, and is not afraid of book, as people tend to think. The only thing is that books should be interactive and entertaining. "City is me" is exactly the one, with its playful and interesting content allowing kids to learn about cities and the world around us. I’m sure, this is the book of the future and I think such writings are the best for our kids to start with, because later they will definitely read adult literature with pleasure".


Co-founder of Knigolove publishing house

"Knigolove mission is to publish books that help readers change themselves and change the world around them. We couldn’t but publish the book "City is me". It tells children how city is functioning, how many mechanisms it should turn on to make it comfortable for citizens — so that they could have tap water every morning, enjoy heating in winter, walk around clean streets, etc. But it also teaches how every citizen, even the youngest one, can change their city right now and become responsible. Our cities need responsible citizens".


Managing partner of UNIT.City

"Scientists say that modern megacities face dramatic transformation. In the future, cities will be divided into big enclaves — so called community islands that will unite likeminded people. The idea of the book "City is me" is also about that. We all want to live in sustainable and welcoming space, where neighbors share ideas of pet-friendly cafes or waste sorting. You remember the saying: "If you want to change the world — start with yourself"? This word of wisdom also applies to the city. City is us, we shouldn’t forget it".


Start – May, 29
Submission – till August, 15
Winner's announcement – September, 1

I am so curious how cities will look like in the future! Some people cannot even imagine, while others are creating innovations and technologies that will change cities forever. How do you image your city in 10 years? The book contains special drawings contest, so I invite you to take part. Will there be flying taxis? Will everyone feel safe and comfortable? Or maybe fast and environment-friendly transport will be invented? Will people still produce so much waste? Make your imagination create and paint. We will collect all drawings and will choose the winners of the contest.



Use imagination, do not copy


Take a photo of the illustration and yourself with it


Send both photos to


Indicate your name, age and city


Patiently wait for results

city is me


Iryna Ozymok

Book author

Anna Ivanenko


Valentyna Zotova

Co-founder of CANactions urban platform

Ihor Smilianskyi

CEO of Ukrposhta


This contest offers lots of gifts and lots of nominations. The jury will rate your drawings by the following criteria:

The most detailed

The most original

The most futuristic

The most innovative

The most complex work

Prizes you can get

Meeting Ukrainian celebrity

Walk with famous urbanist

Visit of UNIT.City – innovative park in Kyiv

Unique stamps and postcards with your drawing

Very interesting books from Knigolove publishing house


your drawing can be here

Did you like the book?

Your feedback is very important to me. I will appreciate your impressions and wishes. Thank you!

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Literary editor

Anna Tretyak


Daria Pugach


Studio seri/graph

Layout designer

Olga Fesenko

Managing editor

Olena Parkhomets

Chief editor

Zhanna Kapshuk


Iryna Krasnokutska